Setup and Materials

Installing materials locally

We will provide a link to a Posit Cloud space for the workshop. However, we recommend also installing the materials locally so you have two options.

To install the required packages and course materials, we have an R package called {causalworkshop} to help you do that! You can install {causalworkshop} from GitHub with:


Once you’ve installed the package, install the workshop with


By default, this package downloads the materials to a conspicuous place like your Desktop. You can also tell install_workshop() exactly where to put the materials:


You can also find the materials on the workshop repository.

Posit Cloud workspace

A public cloud workspace with all materials and packages installed is also available on Posit Cloud. Note that for certain workshops, we may provide a custom link to a cloud workspace.

Hosted slides

Following the above instructions will download a PDF copy of the slides. If you’d like to see the HTML version of the slides, we recommend taking a look at the hosted versions rather than the raw versions in the repository.